1.2.1 to 2.1.1 Changelog

DV>Better meta tags management
DV>Improved navigation controls and added modulariry to navigation modifiers
DV>$_GLOBAL variable accesses fixed
DV>New information interface in admin index
DV>Gzip support in logging detection
DV>Modules revised
DV>’General configuration’ renamed to ‘Core controls’
DV>’Support’ renamed to ‘Feedback’
DV>Host autodetection
DV>Now calendar shows all articles from all containers
DV>Bug with Index module selection
DV>Bug with links to articles from RSS
DV>New navigation link modifier - external (opens link in new window)
DV>New rcms_show_element(’navigation’... template for link - {target}
DV>rcms_show_browser_window function
DV>rcms_open_browser_window function
DV>Reorganisation of navigation menu buider
DV>Pagination at news
DV>Remote avatars support
DV>New articles mode HTML+bbCodes
DV>Additional backup abilities
DV>Sites’ directories restructurised
DV>Ability to change title for modules in navigation
DV>Fix for bug [1233658] undefined html_entity_decode in old php versions
DV>New formsgen method : radio_button_single
DV>Bug in rcms_chmod function fixed
DV>Ability to override configuration values for sites
DV>Ability to enable/disable access to some modules and skins for specified sites
DV>Safe mode workaround configuration moved to sites config
DV>Ability to select module for index page
DV>Ability to hide welcome message
DV>File locking configuration moved to config.ini
DV>Now minichat has ‘max-height’ CSS attribute
DV>Now images in gallery are transfered via index.php
DV>You can now choose type of backup’s packager
DV>Backups downloading interface
DV>Statistic notices when referer host is empty
DV>Default smileypack
DV>Support for additional bbCodes
DV>Message parsing algorythm changes
DV>[html] bbCode fix
DV>rcms_scandir optimized
DV>Locks clearing function: just run ‘index.php?rq=clear-locks’
DV>Move Administration and RSS to index.php
DV>Fixed GD support check
DV>Multisite support
DV>Biggest code restructurisation
DV>[list]..[/list] bbCode
DV>[highlight]..[/highlight], [indent]..[/indent], [offtopic]..[/offtopic] bbCodes
DV>[center]..[/center], [left]..[/left], [right]..[/right], [justify]..[/justify] bbCodes
DV>UCMs not working on index
DV>Initialisation mode ‘default’ added. When no specific settings loaded, only main.
DV>Removing of some obsolete code
DV>Language initialisation optimised

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