====== ReloadCMS Users Area ====== ===== About project ===== {{ http://reloadcms.com/~design/images/head-logo.png}} **ReloadCMS** is a full-featured, small, simple and flexible Content Management System for web sites. ReloadCMS was designed for small and medium projects that need CMS that will run even on a cheap servers. ReloadCMS main features are: * All CMS' data is kept in flat files, so no database server is needed. * Standart modules like articles, news, files archive, statistics, forum etc. * Good security system. Integrated IDS. * Great abilities for localisation: you can localise not only interface but all content of website. * Templates support: simply create your design for website using our templates system. * Flexible modules system: if you haven't found your module in standart package, you can simply create your own. ReloadCMS is always in development, so there are more features to come. ===== Documentation ===== Please, select your preferred language: * [[.en:start|English]] * [[.ru:start|Русский]] ===== Changelogs ===== Choose branch: * **[[.changelogs:1.2.x|1.2.x (stable)]]** * [[.changelogs:2.1.x|2.1.x (unstable)]] * **[[.changelogs:1.3.x|1.3.x (unstable)]]**

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