1.3.x ChangeLogs

1.3.1 to 1.3.2 Changelog

DV>Some code clean-up
DV>Changed navigation API and administration interface
DV>Removed `articles.cal` module
DV>Changed sections part of articles API
DV>’user’ and ‘gallery’ navigation modifiers
DV>Ability to choose text mode in categories’ descriptions
DV>Updated MySQL library
DV>RSS compatibility with Opera
DV>Rewrited modules to support new features
DV>Ability for modules to register notificators for admin’s index page
DV>Saving of poster’s IP-address and User-Agent
DV>Threads API ported from 2.1
DV>Modules’ configuration fields
DV>Little change of directory structure
DV>Mysql API included to main package
DV>New images API

1.2.5 to 1.3.1 Changelog

DV>bbCodes panel updated
DV>Now locks has timeout
DV>Time limits fixed
DV>Module Constructor!
DV>Ability to disable index page module at all
DV>Removed all password and e-mail entries from log file
DV>New ‘rcms_parse_text_by_mode’ function
DV>’Quote selection’ now works in Firefox 1.5 and Opera too!
DV>Fixed bug with entities in nicknames
DV>Max username length is now 32 symbols
DV>New module ‘Articles updates’ instead of lots of small modules
DV>Parameters submitting to blocks is now real :)
DV>New interface for block management
DV>’Menu modules’ renamed to ‘Blocks’ (internal naming is still ‘menu module’ and ‘menu point’)
DV>Option not to count visits of root administrator
DV>Images in gallery are opened in new window now
DV>Fixed bug with bbCodes panel in filesdb panel
DV>Fixed bug with sending mail with registration and password info
DV>Recursive chmod function fixed
DV>Allowed bbCodes in Welcome message
DV>Language selection friendly for search engines
DV>Fixed bug with empty ‘target’ in navigation URLs
DV>Site title is now localisable
DV>ALL links inside ADMINISTRATION are now being generated by $system→link_handler object too :)
DV>ALL links outside ADMINISTRATION are now being generated by $system→link_handler object!
DV>Minichat bug with poster nickname fixed
DV>Fixed bug with ‘article:SECTION/CATEGORY/ARTICLE’ navigation template
DV>Removed redirections from API
DV>Very extended localisation possibilities! ru
NF>Small cosmetic fix into default forum template
NF>Added Polish translation
DV>Registered users’ accesslevel fix
DV>Descriptions in FilesDB now being parsed by rcms_parse_text
DV>Added Localisation Manager
DV>Removed $dir parameter from user_lang_select
DV>rcms_parse_ini_file return value fixed
DV>Some more IE compatibility
–>Security enchacements

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