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18 Декабрь

ReloadCMS mail list is now available!

Источник: ReloadCMS Team

You can subscribe on it by creating e-mail to list-request and string "subscribe" (without quotes) in message body. After subscribing on our mailing list you can write your messages to list and recieve messages of another users of ReloadCMS.

12 Декабрь

Back online!

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Sorry for so long downtime of our site, but we back online! And ready to serve our users

28 Ноябрь

Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday to NightFly, codeveloper and Crazy-Ideas-Creator of our lovely project! :)

25 Ноябрь

ReloadCMS Megapack 1.2.5 released

Источник: ReloadCMS Team

ReloadCMS Megapack 1.2.5 is out. It recommended for ReloadCMS newbies which is needed just to install and begin work. In new megapack are included:
ReloadCMS 1.2.5
ReloadCMS QuickStart 1.2.5(with preinstalled modules and skins)
ReloadCMS 1.3.1
Latest SkinsPack
Latest Modules snapshots
Short manual
Latest Win32 tools

Download Link(file size is about 9Mb): http://prdo...gz?download

Small Russian description in continue of this news.

22 Ноябрь

New skinpack 22.11.2005 Released

Источник: ReloadCMS Team

Few skins added, some bugs fixed.

Download link: http://relo...2112005.tgz

15 Ноябрь

New pages module available

Источник: Nightfly

New development version (0.2) of module for managing static pages available.

Download: http://relo...d/pages.tgz
Changelog: http://www....s/6660.html

Please use it carrefully! ;)

05 Ноябрь

ReloadCMS 1.2.5 is out

Источник: ReloadCMS Team

Yes! There it is! So long waited 1.2.5 release! So whats new in it?
>Implemented HTML+bbCode mode
>RSS Aggregator
>Improved gallery
>Improved "Forum updates" module
And some other fixes

Changelog | Download 7zip | Download zip
(archive includes patch from 1.2.4)

18 Сентябрь

ReloadCMS Development Blog

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ReloadCMS Development Blog available now! Use this link: http://www..../reloadcms/

17 Сентябрь

Skinning manual [ru] is done

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Great news for creative ones! Russian version of skinning manual is done and can be found here. English version will be done soon.

28 Август


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Today is ReloadCMS birthday! One year ago, 28 Aug 2004, this project started. Remeber! We waiting for you in our IRC channel, official meeting time is 16:00 GMT, but you can join us now!

Another good news is that Snapshots service is working now!
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