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22 Февраль


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I had some time to think about role of development in my life and now i want you to understand me. I cannot continue development of ReloadCMS if i wouldn't get some regular financial help. I've tried to find some job, but it gave me nothing, but i still need money to cover my internet usage and for... hm... personal needs. The new (1.2.6) release of ReloadCMS will include lots of exciting features, so i think that it will be normal if i'd ask you to buy it to get:
a) exclusive support: help with installing and maintaining reloadcms (by e-mail, icq, jabber or msn).
b) regular updates: you will receive all updates just after they become available, so you would not wait for new release to fix some bugs and may be security issues.

Price of ReloadCMS package is $35 per domain for less than 5 domains or $25 per domain for 5 or more domains. This package includes 6 month of support and ability to legally remove copyright notice from your pages.

Price of ReloadCMS support:
6 month - $30 ($20)
12 month - $50 ($35)
Number in brackets is price for ones who already paid for ReloadCMS support or package.

08 Февраль

Say 'goodbye'?

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So guys i suppose you will get all you wanted from me. From f*cking spam attacks from Estonian and Ukranian servers to "CRACKS" of ReloadCMS. If you really want me to close this project i can do this ANYTIME from now!

07 Январь

New address of IRC channel

Источник: DruidVAV

We moved to irc://irc.l.../#reloadcms because this is a local irc server of my provider ;)

31 Декабрь

Happy new 2006 year!

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ReloadCMS Team wish to all the best to our users! Let all your dreams come true! :) Sometimes people think that we forget development but this is not true, we still work on next releases to make them better. Good luck and thanks for all support that you gave us!

12 Декабрь

Back online!

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Sorry for so long downtime of our site, but we back online! And ready to serve our users

28 Ноябрь

Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday to NightFly, codeveloper and Crazy-Ideas-Creator of our lovely project! :)

18 Сентябрь

ReloadCMS Development Blog

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ReloadCMS Development Blog available now! Use this link: http://www..../reloadcms/

28 Август


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Today is ReloadCMS birthday! One year ago, 28 Aug 2004, this project started. Remeber! We waiting for you in our IRC channel, official meeting time is 16:00 GMT, but you can join us now!

Another good news is that Snapshots service is working now!

01 Январь

ReloadCMS birthday is 28.08.2004

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ReloadCMS birthday is 28.08.2004... For more info open full article!

21 Август

New branch - 2.0

Источник: DruidVAV

This is announcement of revolutionary ReloadCMS branch. This will be first one where we use MySQL database. Also there will be lots of core optimisations and improved templates system.