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08 Февраль

So guys i suppose you will get all you wanted from me. From f*cking spam attacks from Estonian and Ukranian servers to "CRACKS" of ReloadCMS. If you really want me to close this project i can do this ANYTIME from now!


Вы не залогинены!


[23:03:01 27.03.2007] Опубликовал Guest

[18:37:22 25.03.2007] Опубликовал Guest

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[00:02:11 13.02.2006] Опубликовал DruidVAV

Guest I like your sense of humour. So you hacked kosiv.info as i see.
[11:35:54 10.02.2006] Опубликовал Гость

не очень разбираюсь в английском... так что же произошло?
[15:10:51 09.02.2006] Опубликовал DruidVAV

someone tried to post from MY e-mail address viruses to mysql mailing list. so i have to dowload all this mess because of their antispam protection. This letter were sent from Ukrtelecom server in Ivano-Frankivsk
[02:20:47 09.02.2006] Опубликовал Guest

sorry, but about what attacks from Ukraine do you say?